The Uncharted Adventure of 2014

A happy 2014 from Little Wanderings!

I’ll admit, my feelings toward this year consist of equal parts terrified and excited. After almost two years, I wrapped up at my place of employment at the end of 2013. Without any plans as to how I would subsequently proceed to, you know, actually make a living, it was all a rather daunting decision. And yet it was without a doubt the right one. I’ve hidden behind the excuse of “not knowing what I want to do with my life” for a long time. I’m still no clearer on that since, but leaving a job and industry I could never be proud or passionate about was an important step in making room to actively find out.

And so, as friends and family have returned to work over the past week, I’m faced with the pursuit of something new. I foresee the coming weeks as a flurry of resumés and cover letters – and hopefully, interviews! Amongst all this is somewhat of a resolution to make a determined effort to write, explore and create more. For, perhaps, I think I’m beginning to anticipate (in an unmistakable “well duh” fashion) that doing more things I enjoy may just answer that pesky question of establishing exactly what I want to do with my life.

2014 is very much feeling like stepping into the great unknown right now. If I shake off that tired old craving for ultimate certainty, that’s a pretty thrilling place to be! I saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty yesterday and haven’t been able to stop playing the soundtrack this morning. It’s a beautiful film and aside from making me want to jump on a plane (Mat and I have flights booked to Europe for July, which is luckily enough to sate that lust for now!), it’s a wonderful inspiration to seize opportunities and make an adventure of life. And I’m pretty excited to do just that.

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