Whims and Wine | Merricks Creek, Mornington Peninsula

The drive is never so long as I think it will be. It always feels as though we’ve barely even shrugged off the city, when the Peninsula Link suddenly slings us out at some glorious stretch of sand or eucalypt or grapevine. 


I’m still finding my way when it comes to food blogger gifts and invitations. Truth be told I don’t really know where, or even if they fit in with whatever it is I’ve got going on here. I’m hardly flooded with requests but I have been along to some very lovely events and I can’t deny it’s all very nice. Exploring those experiences through photography on Instagram is easy. Writing is the tricky part, and so far I haven’t quite figured out how to incorporate my blog into that. 

So when I was sitting at a table out there on the Mornington Peninsula swirling my wine in its beautiful bubble glass and sinking into the warm touch of afternoon sunshine, and realised – ‘My god, I need to capture this gorgeous moment in words’ – well, it was a welcome feeling. 



The Parker family invited Mat and myself, as well as the inimitable Sheena and Thomas from Chasing a Plate, to visit Merrick’s Creek this January and we ever so luckily made it with not a day to spare. Though the family has fifteen years of winemaking to its name, the cellar door has been open just a month. It’s an impressive feat. The service is really special, helmed by patriarch Peter (yes, Peter Parker; a whole new light is shed upon those glossy white webs splayed across the vineyard) who delights in sharing his family’s work. The food is simple and delicious and made for picking at between mouthfuls of wine. The cellar door is already busy, but in a way that feels like a cosy and beloved local haunt.

What a gorgeous feeling, sitting there atop that vineyard. It’s one of those places where you start to suspect that pure happiness takes shape as little pinpricks in paper; precious little moments that make your heart burst with fullness across an unfurling page. To gaze across green vines, wine and food flowing under a tepid summer sun and surrounded by the very best kind of people – that is a Sunday most gloriously spent. Maybe I’m cheating here, but that is the kind of experience I want to try and write about.

So, it’s a process. The figuring out. I still don’t really know how to position myself a within the food blogging world, but at least this dilemma is forcing me to examine my writing and what I need to focus on for it to be fulfilling. Lucky we brought home a couple of bottles of Merrick Creek’s 2015 Chardonnay (divine) to help out with such existential crises as they arise.





Merricks Creek | 44 Merricks Rd, Merricks – corner of Yal Yal Rd, VIC 3196
Open | Every Saturday, Sunday and all public holidays
Merricks Creek Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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  • http://whywasteannualleave.com Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    I know what you mean about sometimes not knowing where your blog fits in when you’re writing about hosted events. I try and just stick to my style of writing and just incorporate the event into it otherwise I feel like it wouldn’t be authentic in any case and therefore probably wouldn’t make for an interesting read anyway but I must tell you that you’ve captured this experience just perfectly! I really felt like I was there reading this and those black and white photos are gorgeous and atmospheric.