Sweet Brunchings

I am, by all definitions of the term, a huge sweet tooth. I mean – I’m pretty damn fond of food in general, but sweet things? Now that is where I really shine. The mention of a dessert menu makes me weak at the knees. Scarcely a day goes by without at least one small morsel of chocolate. My past lives have included work at both a chocolate cafe and boutique candy store. I battled in a nationwide campaign as the poster girl for Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake. Seriously!

So when it comes to brunch – that gorgeous, sacred meal of late-rising breakfast-lovers – I skip straight to the sweet stuff.

Sweet Brunchings 7Sweet Brunchings 8

French toasted gingerbread sandwich with vanilla cream cheese and roasted plums : Code Black Coffee (no longer on menu) // Ricotta and rose stuffed crepes with fresh berries, saffron-lemon syrup and hazelnut praline : East Elevation

In a city besotted with breakfast, the sweet side sure packs a punch. I love that after skimming over the vast and varied egg dishes (sadly, not my thing!), and lingering somewhat over remaining savoury dishes, I’m not simply left with a token plate of pancakes. There are beautiful porridges and granolas, and wonderful odd imaginings like the French toasted gingerbread sandwich from Code Black Coffee, above. Even my boyfriend, Mat, who is normally more partial to the pulled porks and black puddings of the brunch world, quite often has the envious moment over my pickings.

Sweet BrunchingsSweet Brunchings 6

Cinnamon waffles with pomegranate molasses, vanilla bean custard, agave and house almond dukkah : Stovetop // Summer fruit salad with melon, stone fruit, chia, mint, sesame snaps and vanilla yoghurt : Auction Rooms

Sweet Brunchings 5Sweet Brunchings 4

Coconut crusted French toast with espresso mascarpone : Lux Foundry // Vanilla and honey porridge (rolled oats & organic quinoa) served with crushed walnut : Breakfast Thieves

It does mean I’m terribly predictable; Mat usually knows exactly what I’ll be ordering before I’ve even made up my mind. But it’s a pattern that works, and the cafes of Melbourne have revealed some truly amazing dishes in the process. A growing favourite at the moment is Twenty & Six Espresso. A cosy little place in North Melbourne with a fantastic courtyard we’re excited to get some use of as the weather warms, we always get beautiful service and the menu features dishes that are absolute creations unto themselves. French toast is always a big pull for me, and the Aphrodite (below) on the current seasonal menu is to die for. The poached quince, lemon curd and goats’ cheese ice-cream balance so outrageously well!

Sweet Brunchings 2Sweet Brunchings 1

Poached quince and lemon curd brioche french toast, goats’ cheese ice-cream, pistachios and freeze-dried berries : Twenty & Six Espresso // Balinese black sticky rice with mango and coconut milk : Twenty & Six Espresso (no longer on menu)

I would love to hear any recommendations on sweet brunch dishes and destinations of Melbourne! I’ll be sure to share my future discoveries here. And if you are so inclined, check out my Instagram (which turned out to be a rather handy brunch retrospective!) – where all my sugary shenanigans tend to pop up first!

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