A Very Good Place to Start

Hello! My name is Terri. I’m a Melbournian with a penchant for wandering, and a long-lost love of writing.

(This blog is hopefully a remedy to that last part.)

You’ll have to forgive any clunkiness to begin with; it’s been a while! Despite shipping off to university to complete a Creative Writing major (predominantly fuelled by an adolescent flair for fanfiction), I’ll be honest – the extent of my writerly pursuits since hasn’t extended much beyond Twitter updates, letters to my nana and an incredible amount of ’25 words or less’ travel competitions.

See – in the months after finishing that, as it would happen, particularly uninspiring Creative Writing major, I found a thrilling new way to create: original YouTube content. For a few good years that was my mode of creative contribution. I had an amazing time with it and achieved  so much more than I could have ever imagined when I first sat down at my desk and began rambling into a video camera.

I haven’t uploaded a video to YouTube in over a year now. Somehow, I think, I simply reached a point where video blogging – at least in that form – didn’t seem to fulfil a creative drive for me anymore. What has flickered to back to life in place of that is the yearning to write again.

The idea of sharing my travels and explorations of Melbourne and more was something I experimented with a little toward the end of my YouTube days. Wanderlots is a project I still feel passionate about – just not so much in that form. It’s in this blog that I’m so excited and hopeful to bring a re-imagination of that project, and then some.

I’m honestly so excited to create and share again. I love exploring my beautiful city and beyond, experiencing new things and the prospect of contributing that to an interactive community. I’m excited to become a better writer, to develop my photography skills, to meet new people and be part of a creative tribe again.

So, this is it! My blog. Explorations of Melbourne and beyond. Fun things, beautiful things, delicious things. Little Wanderings.

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